Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Tincture, 167mg CBD/serving, 1 fl oz (Full Spectrum Hemp CBD)

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Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Tincture, 167mg CBD/serving, 1 fl oz (Full Spectrum Hemp CBD)

Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Tincture, 167mg CBD/serving, 1 fl oz (Full Spectrum Hemp CBD)

Regular price $79.95
Sale price $79.95 Regular price $99.99
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Cypress Dream Hybrid

Discover the 'Cypress Dream Hybrid', a harmonious blend of hemp isolate and full-spectrum extract, standardized to deliver a potent dose of 167mg CBD per serving. This unique formulation seeks to encapsulate the holistic benefits of the Cannabis Sativa plant, offering a balanced and enriched profile that aims to complement your daily wellness journey.

Fit Your Lifestyle

Retiree Embracing a Life of Ease?

Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture is tailored for those enjoying retirement. Its calming potential might be ideal for your leisurely afternoons or peaceful evenings.

Bird Watcher Seeking a Moment of Zen?

For the avid bird watcher, Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture could potentially complement those moments of tranquility and observation in nature.

Puzzle Enthusiast Enjoying a Mental Challenge?

Enhance your puzzle-solving sessions with Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture. It might be a suitable addition to your focused and mentally stimulating hobby.

BioTerp - Proprietary Blend

Discover the BioTerp complex, a unique blend of terpenes that work harmoniously to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids in your body.

Lab Test Results

For your peace of mind, we provide lab test results directly on the product page. We believe in transparency and ensuring our customers have access to all the information they need to make informed choices. Trust in Cannooba's commitment to quality and safety.

Fit Your Lifestyle

Knitting Aficionado Crafting Cozy Creations?

As you knit, let Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture potentially add to the tranquility of your crafting sessions, complementing your dedication to your cozy creations.

History Buff Immersed in the Past?

Dive into historical books or documentaries with Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture by your side, potentially enhancing your journey through the annals of history.

Stargazer Gazing into the Cosmos?

As you explore the night sky, consider Cypress Dream 5000mg CBD Oil Tincture as a companion in your stargazing endeavors, potentially adding to the serenity of your celestial observations.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Harness the purity and potency of Cannooba's Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, made possible through the advanced Supercritical CO2 Extraction process. This cutting-edge technique ensures the preservation of delicate compounds found in hemp while eliminating any unwanted substances. The result? A clean, high-concentration extract that forms the very essence of our premium tincture, offering you an unparalleled wellness experience.

Quality Assurance

At Cannooba, "Quality Assurance" is not just a term; it's a promise. Our products undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of purity and potency. We are committed to delivering a product that is gluten-free, non-GMO, and crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, offering you a product you can trust.

Product description
What is Full Spectrum CBD?
What is BioTerpโ„ข?

Discover a new horizon of well-being with Cannooba's Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, a vital part of our Green Label EVERYDAY Series. Each 1 fl oz bottle is a reservoir of wellness, offering 5000mg of full-spectrum CBD, translating to a potent 167mg per serving, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily wellness regimen.

Unlock the potential of nature's finest with this cannabinoid-rich formulation, a beacon of natural harmony and effectiveness for those seeking a balanced and vibrant lifestyle. Trust in the quality and potency that Cannooba embodies, a pioneer in the realm of hemp innovation and purity.

Product Highlights:

  • Potent Full-Spectrum CBD: Immerse yourself in the holistic benefits of 167mg of Full-Spectrum CBD per serving, a gateway to potential harmony for both body and mind.
  • Premium Quality Assurance: Embrace a product that epitomizes quality and potency, becoming a steadfast companion in your journey towards optimal wellness.
  • Ease and Convenience: The 1 fl oz bottle ensures ease of use and portability, granting you access to nature's bounty wherever your journey takes you.
  • BioTerp Complex: Delve into the benefits of the BioTerp complex, a unique blend of terpenes enhancing the absorption and synergy of cannabinoids in your system.

Step into a realm of natural potency and embrace the transformative benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids and terpenes. Try it today and set forth on a path towards a more balanced and enriched life.

Full Spectrum CBD is a powerhouse of various cannabinoids and terpenes, each offering unique properties. In this section, we delve deep into the individual components present in Full Spectrum CBD, supported by clinical studies and research.

1. CBD (Cannabidiol)

What is it? CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, is renowned for its potential wellness benefits.

Clinical Studies & Research:

  • Project CBD: A comprehensive resource exploring the potential benefits and mechanisms of CBD.

2. CBG (Cannabigerol)

What is it? Often referred to as the "mother of all cannabinoids", CBG is gaining attention for its potential health benefits.

Clinical Studies & Research:

  • NCBI: A study exploring the potential neuroprotective properties of CBG.

3. CBN (Cannabinol)

What is it? CBN, known for its potential sedative effects, is formed as THC ages.

Clinical Studies & Research:

  • Steep Hill: A resource discussing the potential sedative properties of CBN.

4. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

What is it? THC, the psychoactive component found in cannabis, is present in trace amounts (<0.3%) in Full Spectrum CBD derived from hemp.


  • Delta-9-THC: The primary psychoactive component in cannabis.
  • Delta-8-THC: A less potent analogue of Delta-9-THC with potential calming effects.

Clinical Studies & Research:

  • NCBI: A study discussing the potential medical applications of THC.

5. CBC (Cannabichromene)

What is it? CBC, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, is being researched for its potential health benefits.

Clinical Studies & Research:

  • PubMed: A study investigating the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBC.

6. Terpenes

What is it? Terpenes are aromatic compounds that potentially enhance the benefits of cannabinoids through the entourage effect.


  • Myrcene: Potentially has relaxing properties.
  • Limonene: May have mood-enhancing effects.
  • Pinene: Could have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Linalool: Known for potential calming effects.
  • Humulene: May offer potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

Clinical Studies & Research:

Note: The information provided is based on current research and studies. The effects of individual cannabinoids can vary, and it is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice

Exploring BioTerp

Understanding the Terpenes in Cannooba CBD Products


Beta-Caryophyllene, a terpene found in various herbs and spices including black pepper and basil, is known for its spicy, woody aroma. Some studies suggest that it might interact with CB2 receptors in the body's endocannabinoid system, potentially offering anti-inflammatory properties (Source).


Myrcene, characterized by its earthy, musky scent resembling cloves, is also found in lemongrass and mango. It has been researched for its potential relaxing properties, although more studies are needed to confirm its effects (Source).


Humulene, with its earthy, woody aroma, is found in hops, sage, and ginseng. Some research suggests it might have anti-inflammatory properties, but further studies are required to substantiate these claims (Source).


Alpha-Pinene, known for its fresh, pine-like aroma, is commonly found in pine needles, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Some studies have explored its potential bronchodilator effects, although more research is needed to confirm these findings (Source).


Beta-Pinene shares a similar piney aroma with its counterpart, Alpha-Pinene, and is found in pine trees, rosemary, and sage. While it has been studied for potential anti-inflammatory properties, more research is necessary to substantiate these claims (Source).


D-Linalool, characterized by its floral, lavender-like aroma, is found in lavender, citrus fruits, and birch trees. Some studies suggest it might have calming properties, but further research is needed to confirm these potential benefits (Source).


Limonene, with its bright citrus aroma, is found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Some research suggests it might have mood-enhancing properties, although more studies are needed to substantiate these claims (Source).


Terpinolene, characterized by its sweet, floral, and herbal aroma, is found in lilacs, nutmeg, and tea tree. While some studies have explored its potential antioxidant properties, more research is necessary to confirm these potential benefits (Source).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sets the Cannooba Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture apart in the wellness market?

The Cannooba Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture is distinguished by its potent formulation, containing 5000mg of CBD per bottle. This high concentration, along with the inclusion of the BioTerp complex, makes it a sought-after product for individuals aiming to enhance their wellness journey with a reliable and effective CBD solution.

Can you explain the unique features of the BioTerp complex present in the 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture?

Certainly! The BioTerp complex is a proprietary blend of bioactive terpenes such as beta-Caryophyllene and Myrcene. This complex is formulated to potentially enhance the absorption and effectiveness of the cannabinoids in the tincture, fostering a synergistic effect that may amplify the potential benefits derived from the hemp plant.

How does the 'Full Spectrum' aspect enhance the potential benefits of this CBD Tincture?

The 'Full Spectrum' attribute of this CBD Tincture signifies that it contains a comprehensive array of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, not just CBD. This spectrum of compounds potentially works together to create an entourage effect, which may enhance the overall potential benefits for body and mind wellness, offering a holistic approach to your wellness regimen.

What quality assurances are associated with the Black/Gold Therapeutic Series?

The Black/Gold Therapeutic Series embodies our commitment to delivering high-quality, premium products. Each product in this series, including the 5000mg CBD Tincture, is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a premium product that meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, promising an unparalleled experience for our customers.

What potential benefits can I expect from using the Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture?

While individual experiences may vary, using the Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture could potentially offer a range of benefits including potential enhanced relaxation, mood improvement, and overall wellness, thanks to the potent combination of CBD and the bioactive terpenes present in the BioTerp complex.

Can you detail the serving size and CBD content per serving in this tincture?

Absolutely, the serving size for this tincture is 2 droppers or 1 mL, with the bottle containing 30 servings. Each serving delivers a robust 167mg of CBD, along with 10mg of the BioTerp complex, offering a potent solution for individuals seeking a substantial concentration of CBD per serving.

What other ingredients are incorporated in the Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture?

In addition to the high concentration of CBD and the BioTerp complex, this tincture contains organic extra virgin olive oil as a carrier oil. This not only facilitates better absorption but also adds to the product's natural and organic profile, aligning with our commitment to quality and purity.

Is the Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture lab tested?

Yes, the Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure its quality and potency. We adhere to stringent quality control measures to provide a product that is both safe and reliable, meeting the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Can I enjoy the benefits of this CBD Tincture without experiencing any psychoactive effects?

Absolutely, our Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture is formulated with hemp-derived cannabinoids, allowing you to enjoy the potential benefits of CBD without any psychoactive effects, ensuring a safe and beneficial experience.

Is this CBD Tincture compatible with vegan and gluten-free dietary preferences?

Yes, our Full Spectrum CBD 5000mg Tincture is both vegan and gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with various dietary preferences, and allowing a wider audience to enjoy its potential benefits.

Made in the USA

Proudly "Made in the USA", our products are formulated and manufactured with a dedication to quality and excellence. By choosing Cannooba, you are supporting a brand that adheres to stringent standards, ensuring that every softgel you consume is crafted with integrity and a commitment to enhancing wellness across the nation.

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